Airfield Asphalt Certification Program

Airfield Asphalt Lab Technician Certification


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Airfield asphalt pavements present unique performance challenges as compared to highway pavements. Airfield pavements are subjected to significantly heavier loadings, higher tire pressures, and overall require a higher level of performance as compared to a highway pavement. Due to these differences, construction requirements for airfield asphalt pavement projects can be quite different than those of highway pavement projects, and consequently their specifications and materials requirements are also different. This course is designed for technicians who are involved in sampling and testing aggregate materials and asphalt mixtures that are used in airfield pavement construction.

Program Content

This course consists of interactive lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training of fundamental aggregate and asphalt mixture tests used during asphalt mixture production. The course will be split between classroom lectures and hands-on work using the testing equipment in the laboratory. The course will provide engineers, technicians and testing personnel with an understanding of the sampling and testing requirements associated with airfield asphalt mixture production and construction. Approximately 1 1/2 days will be spent in the classroom and 1 1/2 days will be spent in the laboratory. A brief outline of the course follows.


  • Overview of Course
  • Random Sampling
  • Sampling Aggregates and Reducing to Testing Size
  • Aggregate Properties
  • Sampling Paving Mixtures and Reducing to Testing Size
  • Volumetric Analysis of Asphalt Mixtures
  • Marshall and Superpave Mix Design
  • Moisture Susceptibility Testing
  • AC Content and Gradation Determination
  • Sampling and Testing for In-Place Density
  • UFGS 32 12 15.13 Specification Review


  • Fine Aggregate Properties (Fine Aggregate Angularity, Sand Equivalent, Soundness, Clay Lumps and Friable Particles, Gradation)
  • Coarse Aggregate Properties (L.A. Abrasion, Soundness, Clay Lumps and Friable Particles, Flat and Elongated Particles, Gradation)
  • Mixing and Compacting Asphalt Samples
  • Maximum and Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Mixture Moisture Susceptibility
  • Marshall Stability/Flow
  • Asphalt Extraction
  • Moisture Content of Asphalt Mixtures

Goals and Objectives

This 3 1/2-day course will provide a basic understanding of the materials and tests that are involved in the design and production of asphalt mixtures. In addition to classroom instruction, this course will also provide hands-on laboratory training using the laboratory tests involved in the design and testing of asphalt mixtures.


Each participant will be provided a book of the instructional material.


In order to obtain a certification as an Airfield Asphalt Lab Technician, each participant must take a three-hour exam and obtain a minimum score of 80%. Certifications are valid for four years.


Applicants must have either 1) three years of asphalt laboratory experience or 2) a two-year engineering-related education and one year of asphalt laboratory experience to attend this course. Applicants must provide documentation that these requirements are met prior to attending the course.

Continuing Education Credits

The course will provide 2.4 CEUs or 24 Professional Development Hours.


This course will be located at the National Center for Asphalt Technology's main research facility in Auburn, Alabama.

Fees, Refunds, and Deadline

The registration fee of $1540 includes the training program and all course materials. Costs for housing, food and transportation are the responsibility of each participant. Prepayment and registration must be received no later than ten days prior to the start date of the course. Cancellations received at least ten days prior to the course start date will result in a full refund. No refunds will be provided for course cancellations after that date; however, substitutions will be accepted.