Airfield Asphalt Certification Program


The Airfield Asphalt Certification Program is intended to increase the quality of construction for work performed under the UFGS asphalt airfield specifications. The certification program will help to ensure that project team members are knowledgeable in the area of airfield asphalt pavements, with respect to specification and testing requirements, acceptance and quality control, as well as inspection during construction.


Lab Technician

The Airfield Asphalt Lab Technician Certification is required for personnel who are involved in sampling and testing of aggregates and asphalt mixtures during their production. Certified technicians are responsible for sampling materials and performing acceptance and QC tests on materials during construction. The Airfield Asphalt Lab Technician must be present in the laboratory any time laboratory testing is underway for airfield projects.

QC Manager

The Airfield Asphalt Pavement QC Manager Certification is required for personnel who oversee all QC testing and inspection, reviews asphalt pavement transmittals prior to submission to the Government, is responsible for making mix design adjustments, and in charge of all other quality-related activities on an airfield asphalt paving project.

Paving Inspector

The Airfield Asphalt Paving Inspector Certification is required for personnel involved in inspecting airfield asphalt pavement projects. Certified inspectors are responsible for identifying any potential paving issues during construction and ensuring these issues are appropriately addressed by the Quality Control staff. The Airfield Asphalt Paving Inspector must be available on the project during all airfield paving operations.


Verify a Certification

Check to see if an individual is currently certified through AACP.